Civic Engagement

Linglobal strives to foster a spirit of civic engagement and community involvement. Cooperative efforts to see changes in your local community is the essence of what it means to be a global citizen. Knowing that you have the agency to be the change you seek to find in the world is just the beginning.

We help plan the future of cities and communities

Linglobal’s strategic planning and development coaching aims to build a city secure in its future, grounded in its roots and hopeful in its current existence. Linglobal’s civic engagement and community involvement mission is to create healthy and beautiful environments, built on inclusionary growth, economic opportunity and an atmosphere of trust. Our travels around the world have taught us that cultures rich in art, innovation, and prosperity are ones that are inclusive to all and encourage trades, skills, and entrepreneurship. The answer is simple—human beings are the same everywhere.

Our consulting services extend to:

  • Non-partisan Political Strategy
  • Political Analytics and forecasting
  • Economic Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Foreign Policy
  • International Business
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Community Activism
  • Social Justice
  • Strategic Message Development
  • Government Relations


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Upcoming Community Events 

Harper Woods Soup: The micro-financing community dinner

We have been inspired by the magic of Detroit SOUP to create a new and innovative space for getting to know your neighbors and supporting local entrepreneurs.

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If you would like to pitch a business idea that positively impacts the community in the city of Harper Woods or the Regent Park area of east Detroit submit a proposal today!