About Us


Founded in 2015 by Ernestine Lyons we are a business that operates with a social enterprise element.  A travel consulting LLC that also serves as a non-profit with a mission to empower children to discover the importance of learning a foreign language and traveling. Additionally, Linglobal will serve as a compilation of travel resource for Millenials and Baby Boomers looking to travel abroad. Linglobal provides the necessary expertise to complete passport applications, visa applications, and a tailor-made approach to the most immersive travel experience possible.

Founder’s Personal Mission

to be a global citizen, to leave a legacy of exploration and peace by seeking a rational understanding of differing perceptions. Staying curious and relentlessly seeking knowledge. Ernestine’s definition of being a global citizen is bridging gaps of understanding, adding value to the world while making connections. Be involved, engaged and see what is possible by bravely pushing your limits.

Connections through culture and languages matter. Not only do I want to travel the world learning languages, but I want to show young people that its okay to be diffrent, to be smart, be outspoken and to walk your own path. That is my philosophy”   –Ernestine